As if Carey Price needed to lose any more weight.

After dropping almost 30 pounds during the off-season in his quest to get lean and mean, Canadiens’ goalie Carey Price has dropped another four pounds in recent days as a result of the stomach flu.

“You know what comes with the stomach flu,” deadpanned Price after practice today.  Despite looking a little green around the gills, Price claims he’s feeling better after spending most of the last three days sleeping.

Although he may be feeling better, Price will give way to Jaroslav Halak tomorrow night at the Bell Centre when the Anaheim Ducks are in town.  Halak was outstanding, and “lucky” (in his words) in Montreal’s 3-1 win over the stubborn Florida Panthers Monday, in the Habs’ last outing.

“He’s done extremely well since the start of the year,” said head coach Guy Carbonneau of his decision to go with Halak.  “Carey was really sick and didn’t get a lot of sleep the last few nights. We have a guy (Halak) who is healthy and playing well.  Why not?”

There will be more linep changes tomorrow night vs. the Ducks, although Carbonneau was keeping them close to his vest following a morning skate at Verdun.  Someone will have to sit, for example, if Chris Higgins is finally able to lace ’em up after sitting out the season, so far, with a groin injury.  “IF” is a big word however, when it comes to trying to determine Higgins’ ETA.  There have been many false starts along the way.

“He looks alot better today than he did last week,” said Carbonneau. I’ll talk to him in the morning.  He’s eager to come back and play.”

Carbonneau wouldn’t tip his hand as to who Higgins will line up with, if he’s ready to go tomorrow night. He’s been skating with the usual fourth-liners at practice this week, including Georges Laraque, who has also been dogged by a sore groin.  Laraque will a healthy option against the Ducks.

Another player who is feeling better is Andrei Kostitsyn, who is recovering from a blow-out hit delivered by Kurt Sauer of the Coyotes last weekend.  However, while his teammates were busy practising this morning, Kostitsyn was in street clothes, looking ahead to perhaps being ready to get back on skates as early as tomorrow.  There is no word at this point as to when number 46 will be ready to return to game action.

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