It’s time to see what Sergei Kostitsyn can do as a member of the Habs.


You remember Sergei Kostitsyn, don’t you?  Andrei’s younger brother, who lit a fire under big brother’s butt when called up from the Hamilton Bulldogs last season?  Sergei Kostitsyn, who sparkled during training camp, pre-season, and the opening handful of games during the regular season?  To the point where he looked like the best pure offensive talent on this team?

Yes, THAT Sergei Kostitsyn.  

Not the Sergei Kostitsyn who, after Andrei was knocked out of the Montreal lineup by Kurt Sauer in a game against Phoenix on Oct. 18, went into a funk and never looked like the same player.  Not the Sergei Kostitsyn who played his way in and out of the Montreal lineup on several occasions before Guy Carbonneau had seen enough and sent him to the minors exactly one month ago after a minus 1 performance in a 4-2 loss to Vancouver on Feb. 15.

Sergei’s offensive contribution that night against the Canucks?  Zero shots on goal.

Well, since then, Sergei Kostitsyn has apparently decided he doesn’t like riding the bus in the American Hockey League and would prefer the bright lights of Montreal.  Upon his arrival in Hamilton, he spent the better part of his time on the ice with the Bulldogs pouting.  He’d put in one good shift per game, and then float for the remaining 59 minutes.  

That was until seven games ago.

With an assist in a 4-3 shootout win by the Bulldogs over the Rochester Americans last night, Sergei extended his point-scoring streak to seven games.  On Saturday vs. Manitoba, he had a goal and two assists.  

Sergei Kostitsyn is back.  And he deserves to be back with the Habs.

It couldn’t hurt, could it?

Just exactly what have the Canadiens done of late?  They got their head coach fired, and they’ve proceeded to play .500 hockey under Bob Gainey.  They eeked out a win over Edmonton, struggled to squeeze a point out of the last-place New York Islanders, and then fell flat on their faces against the Jersey Devils.  Tomas Plekanec is the only guy who can put the puck in the net in a consistant manner.  Andrei Kostitsyn, who, ironically, responded to Sergei’s demotion with goals in four straight games, looks lost out there once again.  Alex Kovalev is running hot and cold again, although the Canadiens have missed him, big time, while he’s been out for the last two games recuperating from the flu.  Chris Higgins can’t guy a goal.  Production from youngsters Max Pacioretty and Matt D’Agostini has all but dried up…

I could go on.

Seriously.  What do the Canadiens have to lose by giving Sergei Kostitsyn another shot at the big time?

If nothing else, maybe he can light a fire under brother Andrei, once again.  At least with Sergei, you know there’s the potential for that spark that is missing from this club.  Hell, let’s be honest.  The Canadiens are missing more than a spark these days.  But it couldn’t hurt.

Could it?

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