It’s amazing to see how much time and space has been devoted to questioning Jacques Martin’s decision to go with Sergei Kostitsyn in his lineup for Game 2 against the Philadelphia Flyers. That the coach has had to waste his breath by somehow defending the move is beyond me.  Was it so surprising to see Martin bench Benoit Pouliot in favour of Sergei Kostitsyn?  Please tell me what Pouliot has done to warrant any kind of ice time with this hockey team?  Yes, I know that Sergei was effectively banished from the club earlier in the playoffs.  But  somehow he managed to work his way out of the doghouse, and into the starting lineup.  For at least one night.  You’re surprised by that? Fine.  Get over it.  Seems to me the Canadiens have bigger fish to fry than Sergei Kostitsyn.

Better still, can somebody tell me why Ryan O’Byrne isn’t getting a shot at a starting assignment?  Am I the only one who believes that O’Byrne’s big body could be of some use against the Flyers?  Am I the only one who feels that Marc-Andre Bergeron has no right to a full-time job on the Montreal blueline?  If you still feel that Bergeron’s shot from the point can be of some use to this team on the power play, then stick him on the fourth line for the occasional shift up front, and use him with the man advantage.  Seriously.


Don’t even get me started when it comes to the play of Andrei Kostitsyn.


I don’t want to say that Tomas Plekanec is playing “like a little girl,” but, it’s time for number 14 to find the back of the net again.  After scoring four goals in the first six games of the post-season, Plekanec hasn’t scored since late in the Washington series: a stretch of 10 games without a goal.  That’s a lifetime, in the playoffs.  If Plekanec wants to endear himself to the Canadiens, or the other 29 teams as he looks ahead to a possible free-agent paycheck, he might want to start making a contribution on the scoresheet.  The time is now.


Memo to Scott Gomez: stop taking stupid penalties.


The Montreal Canadiens basically started the season without the services of Andrei Markov. And they will finish the season without the services of Andrei Markov, who underwent successful knee surgery yesterday.  After seeing Markov back on the ice at practice, there were whispers that perhaps the veteran defenceman could see action in this series.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Instead of looking forward to another opportunity to suit up during this playoff run, Markov now has six months of rehab to look forward to.  

And, oh yeah.  Start Carey Price tonight.

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