One of the hardest-working guys in (NHL) showbiz has been rewarded for his efforts.  The Canadiens have signed Mathieu Darche to a new one-year contract that will pay him a reported $700,000.  The deal follows a 2010-2011 season which saw the 34-year-old Montreal native score a personal-high 12 goals last season.

Now, 12 goals isn’t necessarily something to write home about.  But, in my books, Darche’s 12 goals carry more weight than the 20 that Andrei Kostitsyn, who re-signed yesterday, scored last season.  Each and every one of the 26 points that Darche produced last season, in 59 games, came with a ton of effort.  Darche was rewarded for his hard work with time on the power play and he produced two goals while playing with the man advantage.  He is one of the few players on this Habs’ team who knows where the opposing net is, and is willing to pay the price by parking that big body of his, in front of it.

“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Mathieu Darche,” said GM Pierre Gauthier.  “Mathieu is a classy veteran player who displays great leadership and determination, and we strongly believe he can help us achieve our goals in the upcoming season.”

Some Habs fans wondered out loud why the Canadiens bothered to offer Darche a contract last season, and further wondered how this career American Hockey League player could help this team. Well,  I think it’s pretty clear why the Canadiens bothered to offer Darche a contract last season, and how he can help this team.  And it’s good to see that he’ll get a chance to help this team, again, next season. 


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