Kirk Muller says it wasn’t often that he got nervous as a player.  But he admitted to me today that he’s likely to have a case of the nerves tomorrow night when he walks across the ice at the Bell Centre to take his spot behind the opposing bench as the Carolina Hurricanes take on the Montreal Canadiens.

Are you disappointed that Muller didn’t get a chance to take over behind the bench as head coach here in Montreal?  Do you think that Randy Cunneyworth got the job that might have gone to Kirk Muller, had the timing been different?

And do you think that Randy Cunneyworth even has a shot at returning as head coach of the Canadiens next season?

We’ll talk about that tonight, in The Locker Room.  We’ll hear from Kirk Muller and another former Hab, defenceman Jaroslav Spacek, about some critical comments Spacek made several weeks ago about the situation in Montreal.

We’ll also be joined by our bloggers panel: Leigh Anne Power from , and Kevin van Steendelaar from

And as former Expo Gary Carter battles an aggressive form of brain cancer, we’ll talk to a teammate of Gary’s, and a long time friend, former first baseman Tommy Hutton, about Gary’s valiant battle.

Tonight, 6-7 p.m., in The Locker Room.


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  1. Michael says:

    I don’t think there’s a question that the head coach position would have been Muller’s if the timing was different. I believe they may have even been a BIT more open to him not speaking French as well. Everyone seemed to love Muller!

  2. Mike Leonard says:

    I think Marc Crawford was the man for Montreal even though Therrien was good when they had him in the past.Bringing back the old in a sinking ship is not progress
    Kirk Muller was the man,they missed that chance.Just making late decisions seems to be the norm now for the once mighty Habs The Habs that I adore!!!!!

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