I’m sorry, but are we watching opening-round action of the NHL playoffs, or the latest installment of WWE Wrestling?!?!

Any minute now, I expect a player to pull out a “foreign object” hidden in his paraphernalia.  At some point, I’m sure we’ll see a player wack an opposing player over the head with a steel folding chair.

The NHL playoffs so far are a joke, and the league is doing precious little about it.

Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators smashes Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the turnbuckle (sorry. I meant “the glass”) and comes away with a fine of $2,500.

What a joke.

In comng down with his ruling, NHL sheriff Brendan Shanahan noted that Zetterberg did not suffer an apparent injury, which begs the question: AND THAT MAKES IT OK!?!? Weber smashed Zetterberg’s head into the glass and basically gets away scott free because Zetterberg wasn’t hurt on the play???

What a joke.

In Ottawa, the Sens are wondering about the playing status of Daniel Aflredson, who took a flying elbow to the head (not to be confused with The Rock’s “People’s Elbow) from the Rangers’ Carl Hagelin and emerged with a concussion.  After the incident, Shanahan called Hagelin “a good kid.” Oh, well then.  I guess that makes it okay.  Because he’s a good kid. Hagelin received a three-game suspension for being a “good kid.”

What a joke.

Chicago’s Andrew Shaw run’s into Phoenix goalie Mike Smith, a shoulder to the chin that sent Smith into next week, showing a complete lack of respect.  It’s a prime example of the kind of crap we’re seeing on the ice so far in opening-round action.  It’s anarchy on the ice. And do you know what?  The NHL is loving it.

Just go to the NHL’s web site at nhl.com.  The front page includes a link that will take you to the video of the scrap between Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux.  There’s another video link with a headline:  “Tempers rise in PHI.”  Watch the video.  You can actually hear a bell in the background as various players go at it.

Wonderful stuff.

Do you smell what the NHL is cooking?

Well, it stinks.



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