The 14 Canadiens’ prospects didn’t have to do the “beep” test today during the morning dry-land session at the team’s development camp.  And that suits defenceman Mac Bennett just fine.

“The beep test is probably the most miserable thing you’ll ever have to experience,” said Bennett after the morning on-ice session. “You have to follow a beep when you run and it gets shorter and shorter.  You push yourself into exhaustion!”

Bennett, who calls himself “the old guy of the camp,” feels his game has improved since he first took to the ice at a Habs’ development camp.

“I think this is my third camp. I come here every year and learn something new every year. 

Bennett said has put on some weight and developed some speed since the Canadiens first saw him. “I think I am elevating my game in Michigan,” he added.

Bennett, who hails from Narraganasett, RI, has two more years of college hockey left at the University of Michigan, where he was paired up with another Habs’ prospect, Greg Pateryn.

“He was a really good partner for me to have.  He would always be my anchor when I jumped up into the play.”



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