Canadiens’ owner Geoff Molson didn’t want to venture too close to the subject of the NHL’s collective bargagining agreement and the talks that are currently underway between the owners and players.


Molson, on hand for today’s announcement outlining the details of a condo project that will be built at the foot of the Bell Centre in Centennial Plaza, said he understands the nevousness that everyone is probably feeling, “regardless of who you are — owner, player, or fan.”

At the same time, Molson said he doesn’t plan to make any comment on the CBA talks at this point, or at any point.

“It’s a process,” said Molson. “Our comissioner has been through it before. and we have confidence that he will lead the process in the right way.”

With General Manager Marc Bergevin today announcing the signing of Blake Geoffrion to a one-year contract, Molson said the work that the new GM is doing to build a team around him has been very positive.

“I think that Mark has successfully found a combination of future talent in terms of management, as well as experience.  He’s a team player and he likes to work with his people.  He’s ultimately responsible for alot of deicisons. but he likes to run things by me, which i certainly enjoy participating in.”

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