Sorry, Tomas.

I’m not buying it.

And, I’m willing to bet, neither are you.

It was a travel day for the Canadiens, and prior to departure, a handful of Habs’ players were made available to the media following last night’s 1-0 overtime loss to the Bruins, which squared this series at two wins apiece.  During player availability, Tomas Plekanec told Chris Johnston from Sportsnet, that the pressure is on the Bruins, heading into game five tomorrow night in Boston.


That comment by Plekanec is nothing more than a red herring.  But apparently, some Habs’ fans are biting.


I’m not sure why the Bruins are supposed to “destroy the Habs, ” as suggested by @bouchardmo on Twitter.  The fact of the matter is: not only have the Bruins “not destroyed” the Habs at any point during this series, the Bruins have yet to score a convincing win over the Canadiens.  Sure, that was a mighty impressive come-from-behind win in game two.  But have you seen the Bruins outplay the Canadiens over a 60-minute stretch?

Me neither.

Here’s the deal: the pressure is on both teams heading into game five in Boston tomorrow night.  Simple math will tell you that the winner will be one win away from taking this second-round series and the team that loses game five will be one win away from an early tee time.

It’s as plain as the nose on my face.

Have you seen my face?

No? OK. Let’s try this again.  This best-seven-series, became a best-of-five series and is now a best-of-three series.  The team that wins two of the next three games will move on to the Stanley Cup semi-finals.  But not before it becomes a best-of-one series, in my humble opinion.

It’s Stanley Cup Math 101, folks.  And that’s why the pressure is on the Montreal Canadiens to walk into the Garden and beat the Bruins.  It’s also why the Bruins need to get out there in front of their hometown fans, now that they have re-established home-ice advantage in this series, and beat the Montreal Canadiens.

The pressure is on.  And it’s on both teams.

Funny thing is (and I’m sure there weren’t any Habs’ fans laughing after last night’s overtime loss), this series could be over. Right now.  It could have been over in four straight — for both teams.

If the Habs finished off the Bruins in game two, and scored the winner in O.T. last night, this series would be over.  However, had Boston scored the overtime winner in game one, and then mounted yet another successful comeback in game three (after doing just that in game two) this series would be over, and the Bruins would be the ones moving on.

But this series ISN’T over, and the team that wins tomorrow night will take a huge step in the direction of ending it.

THAT’S why the pressure is on BOTH teams.

Don’t let Tomas Plekanec tell you any different.





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