Fatherly advice for Tinordi

Mark Tinordi was a “tough, big, mean defenceman.”  Son, Jarred just wishes he had more of an opportunity to see him play, when he was younger.

“I try to take some aspects of his game,” said Tinordi after the so-called “black aces” took to the ice at Brossard this afternoon as the Canadiens look ahead to tomorrow’s game three against the Senators in Ottawa, with this first-round playoff series tied at one win apiece.

Mark Tinordi spent 12 seasons in the NHL through the 1998-99 campaign, most of them with the Minnesota North Stars and the Washington Capitals.  Jarred says his dad has been able to watch the first two games of this series and has helped him out with what to expect.

“He’s having a lot of fun, too,” said the younger Tinordi.  “Maybe more fun than I am!”

Tinordi said his dad hasn’t overloaded him with words of wisdom.  “He doesn’t want to cloud my head too much,” he added. “He’s really only given me two pieces of advice: just have fun, and play hard.”

Tinordi, who had a cup of coffee with the Habs late during the regular season, was one of the recent call-ups from the Hamilton Bulldogs — the so-called “black aces.” He didn’t know what to expect when the latest call came.

“I was skating with the guys down in Hamilton when I got the call. I didn’t know if I was going to play. I knew that it was a great opportunity for me.”

It may sound like a rather precarious position to be in, but it’s clear that head coach Michel Therrien is counting on Jarred Tinordi to help solidfy a blueline that has struggled at times, particularly since the season-ending injury to Alexi Emelin.

“I knew if I got in, I was going to play my game, play hard, and take it one game at a time.”

Or, in the words of dad, Mark: “Have fun and play hard.”

Jarred Tinordi

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